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American Evolution

A Glimpse into the New Renaissance

I just saw Gerald Celente being interviewed by Max Keiser of the Keiser Report (KR385) on the subject of the Next American Revolution. If you don’t know either of these people and you want to hear an alternative view of what’s happening in the financial world then I highly recommend both of them. Max Keiser is a controversial financial broadcaster and filmmaker who has been criticized for going beyond the norms of society. Which is laughable considering that the “norms” of society have been obliterated by a corrupt and failing money system, He has a thrice weekly program called the Keiser Report on the RT network where I saw the interview I am referring to.

Gerald Celente is an American trend forecaster , and and founder of the Trends Research Institute, which identifies global trends and forecasts the future in order to help us better prepare for what it might bring. He has been interviewed many times over many years, including by Oprah. He calls the institute members “political athiests” which he describes as independent thinkers not encumbered by political persuasion, ideology, agendas or conventional wisdom, but instead observe and analyze events for what they are and not what one wants them to be.

I find this interesting, since the basis of open-ended inquiry on the path of consciousness also requires us to be exactly where we are, and not where we wish we were emotionally, physically and in our consciousness by determining the truth of our experience. So it seems to me that , if Gerald Celente would apply the principles of open-ended inquiry to the trends those his institute is studying, they couldn’t help but encounter some movement toward consciousness –and that is in fact what I discovered.

In his view the trends in America of a culture of violence and cruelty ( this is not my bailiwick, so please check in with him on this) and the financial system are the foundation for a new revolution. For the first time in American history he says, there is a generation (the ft generation-the “first time” the new generation’s plight is worsening) with a futureless future in which incomes are decreasing, unemployment is increasing, and the debt this next generation has to carry is extraordinary. As in Greece and Spain, there is a disconnect from and a growing repudiation of both the systems of violence and the current financial structures. From his perspective there has been a death of integrity, culture, respect and courage, but it is making room for something new. This opportunity is similar to what happened during the Renaissance of the 15th Century after the plague decimated Europe – a journey of discovery was birthed.

Our current circumstances are also not unlike those during the first American Revolution which in some measure, as well, was a revolt against the money system. That first revolution was an awakening, and Gerald sees a new American revolution in the offing that is also about awakening- this time to the fact that each of us is responsible for our own salvation. The transformation we seek will not come from our leaders, or our deities; we need to lead ourselves.

This is an intersection where he and I agree: that we are each responsible for our own salvation. But I would go further and say this juncture is also a call toward greater consciousness-that we are each responsible not only for our own salvation, but also for the truth of our experience and the resulting expansion of consciousness it brings.

Gerald discriminates two choices in this coming revolution: either guns and armies or minds and hearts. He doesn’t see the former as the direction of the trend , but rather that we will start filling the space that is being created, as well as our minds and our hearts, with messages other than those of cruelty.

In my last post on Morhphogenietc fields, I end by saying that the work we each do on our own hearts, on our own minds, to become more aware, more loving, more heart -centered and less ego-self-centered, more in oneness and less in separation and greed will change the field of consciousness and extend out into the world to create a difference and contribute to a paradigm shift. So in my view, the awakening is not just on the level of the culture, but is also being called for on the level of the individual. This is true responsibility. There is no other at fault; it is simply up to each of us. And if we can’t blame others, but must focus instead on our own consciousness, we could not raise arms, but would have to find a way in our own consciousness, our own hearts, our own minds.

This human journey of ours is not about money and survival. Money should merely be a tool for us. Our journey is about becoming in the world the uniqueness that each of us is, our Beingness. But this Beingness is not separated from Source, or God, or a higher power- however you relate to it. In order to do that , we need to be supported in the world and money that is not flowing, that is not supporting each of us, but remains in the hands of a few, does not allow that unfolding of the legacy we are each supposed to be for the planet. And that is the other purpose of awareness and consciousness: we are in an evolutionary process, to awaken to the depth of our Beingness. This is the destiny of humanity. Thus, the awakening that is available now is much more aware and conscious than what was possible as a result of the first American Revolution. Revolutions happen when evolution is being thwarted. Such an evolution has never been as needed in the history of humanity as it is right now.

Like Gerald Celente said, it’s time to drive the moneychangers from the temple.

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