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A Guided Inquiry Into Our Personal Relationship With Money 

Money • Spirituality • Consciousness will lead you through an experiential inquiry into your personal relationship with the world of money, demystifying the psychological, historical, sociocultural, and spiritual dimensions of money. 


Find the answers that will allow you to use money as an effective tool, a creative extension of who you are—an expression of your uniqueness in the world.


Packed with useful tools,  this book includes inquiry exercises and various charts to complete to make the material personal and relevant to your situation.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Mayuri has a great understanding of finances but she also brings a beautiful spiritual consciousness to money that is refreshing and welcome.

I totally enjoyed this book and have implemented her suggestions into how I deal with money.  Her insights have changed the way I think and feel about my finances and how to navigate myself in that important part of my life.

Grand book, totally recommend it.

It is such a relief to read a book about money that includes the words spirituality and consciousness in the title. Money has been over emphasized in the media as a daily entertainment, as a measure of self worth, as reason to wage war......yet educating ourselves to have a healthy relationship to it is practically non-existent.

I loved this book. It has great depth, offers important questions and insights, and is a lovely guide to what is truly valuable in our lives. This very well written book reveals that Mayuri is authentically engaged in her subject, that she lives what she teaches, and is committed to sharing the wealth in her heart and mind.

A breath of fresh air!

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