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Humanity Waking Up

Updated: May 30, 2020

Do not worry

that your life

is turning upside down

How do you know that the

side you are used to

is better than the one to come?

--- Rumi

I have been waiting for this time since the 1970’s. In the early part of my spiritual journey, I was a student of the Michael Channel (a consciousness system, not a particular entity) and the information transmitted at the time was that we would have a period of financial serfdom before freedom, and over the last 40 years I have witnessed that steadily come to fruition. As I age, I was beginning to think that humanity’s bid for freedom would come after my lifetime. But here it is, unfolding in real time, what some are calling “The Greatest Show On Earth”.

As I write this, we are in the middle of sequestering for the Covid 19 virus. It seems to me we are also in the middle of the crumbling of the pillars of our society that has been exacerbated by climate change, the breakdown of government as a representation of the people, the unreachable cost of medical care, hopelessly mortgaged education by student loans, and most recently our Covid 19 virus pandemic quarantine. And just in time, as we have been running out of Earth’s ecology and She has been letting us know.

Those oppressive, separating and greed-driven pillar constructs could be listed as religion, healthcare, education and government/politics. The forces that have kept these pillars in place for as long as we can remember are the mainstream media and debt finance. From my research, I believe that the mainstream media has played a large part in keeping these constructs in place, along with our debt finance system, and thus these are really systems of rule that are the life force for those in control. We could call those in control the “1%”, but it is actually a MUCH smaller percentage than that. If we could follow it to the top, perhaps even just a handful of people. “Truthers”, those in alternative media looking for the underlying truth in our society, would call those in control “the Cabal”. If you are reacting to what I am presenting here, I can understand, because over the years, I have had those reactions too. And I used that energy for research into many different sources. Perhaps it is time rely on our own capacities of discernment to find our own truth of what I am saying rather than to simply believe what you have been told. That is an application of the method of Inquiry that I present has a foundation piece on becoming money conscious in my book, Money Spirituality Consciousness. As has always been my perspective, if you want to really know what’s going on, follow the money.

I have talked at length in other posts and in my book, on how our current money system creates fear, lack, scarcity, poverty, corruption, domination, war and sickness. And the valuing of money for its own sake, which we have come believe is a reflection of our own value as a human being. The result has been that we have been living in a distorted belief system and a secular society chasing more is better separated from our human spirit.

How has the Covid 19 contributed to the breakdown of these pillars? In some very unforeseen ways. People are seeing the Earth respond amazingly quickly to us not polluting her during this time. She is recovering. I see posts every day on the things like the Himalayan Mountains visible from India, the skies above Wuhan China clear, dolphins swimming in Venice canals, a brilliant crystalline sun. In my own abode in California, the skies are clear with no chemtrails, and can form clouds that actually drop rain, with all kinds of birds, and crickets, and bees surrounding us with beautiful songs. We have been so focused on money, we had forgotten to see that we are actually and literally a part of the Earth.

As people who have been sequestered, we are finding value in things we forgot or didn’t have time for- like connecting with their families, walking in nature, saying hello to neighbors, being kind. And finding that working from home actually works. Those long commutes have not been necessary. So we are finding value in our Being, instead of money and things. People are waking up and “seeing” what is below the surface. We have recognized also that this virus has affected everyone, regardless of race, religion, political party, or income, which has made us more aware than ever that humanity is all ONE. This has been a wake-up call to consciousness and a wave that I believe will affect the whole world. A Recognition that we need a society more in alignment with consciousness. A Societal Rebirth.

So we will also need a new societal structure that is more in alignment with our awakening consciousness. One, that instead of an enslavement system, is one that supports our souls and our Being. Where money can be what it was always intended to be, an energy exchange; not a “person” that requires profit, and interest at the expense of the support and well being of human beings. In other words, a society that is a support for each of us as a unique spark of creation, allowing freedom to connect to our own Being and its creative power and purpose, while at the same time supporting unity consciousness, the recognizing the oneness of all human beings, instead of ego consciousness of separation. Where we can trust our inner Being and where it leads us. That is our birthright.

But consciousness comes with responsibility. We will need to have the courage to keep going and not revert back into the familiar. And I believe if the quarantine were to have been less time, we would propel ourselves back into our unsustainable old society habits. So although it will be difficult with some large costs to humanity, we will be taking back our planet, our souls and our own authority, our sovereignty. And we will need to use discernment, a capacity we have lost when told who to be and what to do and what the truth is. And that requires reading, researching, and self-responsibility.

The following is a quote from my book:

When we comprehend how dire the state of the economy is, the impact on our lives can feel chaotic. The wake-up calls that are pulling us out of our sleep can feel shocking, dismaying, and depressing. It is no wonder that many people are afraid. Historically, chaos has meant that things aren’t working. But humanity is resilient, and within chaos resides our capacity to open to something new. In Thus Spake Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche said, “I tell you: one must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star.”

Yes, we are going to be faced with many difficulties, but the strength of and trust in our growing consciousness will help us use every challenge as a stepping stone to a new world of greater cooperation, collaboration, unity and flow. Toward love and prosperity for all Beings on Earth.

After she pulled back the curtain, Dorothy heard

“You have always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

The Wizard of Oz

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