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A True Global Financial Reset

My husband and I just came back from a two-week camping trip into the southwestern USA. The intention was to spend time in nature away from the California smoke from the multitude of devastating fires that my physical body personally struggles with. It was also a reprise of a similar trip we took 30 years ago as a celebration of our anniversary. This trip became much more than that. America looked like a third world country now with poverty and devastation of property and boarded up small businesses everywhere. Not just from Covid- this decay had obviously been happening over a long time. The only thriving businesses were corporate-run Dollar Stores, and Walmart’s. So it seems that not only the conceptual pillars of our society are disintegrating, which I addressed in my last blog, but the very fabric of our physical 3D reality, our everyday world.

Humanity has been enslaved to a real system of power. This power system manifests particularly as power focused on acquiring enough to survive, and then, only if you can actually get enough, comes the dream to thrive. The so-called American Dream. But in the engagement of attempting to survive and dreaming to thrive, if you look inside, you will recognize and have to admit that there doesn’t seem to be enough for everyone. In fact, the money system has been one of competition, greed, and power over others. It is and has always been a win-or-lose game of limitation (and perhaps humiliation) that has been ingrained into our minds and culture.

In my last blog, I wrote about the impact of sequestering or sheltering in place. Although I pointed to the fact we were not going back to anything that would look like “normal”, my current experience is that many people have felt or hoped this was a “temporary” condition. We were told we would survive and things would get back to normal. Now there is a dawning recognition that we are not any of us going back to our various states of normal. People are now being confronted with a wholly greater level of fear and feeling out of control over their lives.

So this time of the disintegrating society is probably much bigger than you imagined and probably quite scary, as we face what appears like a dismantling of any kind of normal. Fears around our health, the food and household product supply chain, our homes, our financial survival, the fires, violence in the streets, and political upheaval are all things that have been happening for a very long time on this planet. Suddenly we find ourselves somewhere we never could have imagined, either in or at the edge of a global collapse of society as we have known it (as of this time yet to be universally revealed).

So there is a waking up process that is happening. You now may be waking up to the recognition that you too have been giving your power away to people and structures that don’t have your best interests at heart! Politicians, the current money system, and the so-called health care system are not what we expect for the American Dream. You may now realize it has not been fun or even rewarding to be playing this game- and that even when you are “winning”, you don’t enjoy it when others are losing. It is by design. There is no gain on a modern balance sheet, without a corresponding loss somewhere.

Money was originally intended as an exchange of work energy, not ever meant as an end in itself. . You have plumbing skills and want food every day, but no grocery store needs its pipes fixed today. The barber wants his pipes fixed, but you don’t need a haircut now. The intention of money is that simple. No profit, no interest, no debt, no “growth” burden on society.

Money is a support for every human being to be free to create as a unique spark of the creator. But this truth has been highjacked through shady business practices, hoarding, theft, taxation, corruption, war, and a fear of scarcity all used to drive up costs. Current events are forcing people everywhere to face this reality, as uncomfortable or confronting as the truth is.

Deeper than this, we have forgotten we are Beings of Love. We have forgotten that Love is what makes Life, not money. And we have forgotten that we are actually not separate, but part of the Oneness of the whole of humanity- a part of the human community where we act locally but belong globally.

Because we are embodied in a physical reality, as beings of action, the question becomes “What can I do?”

There are several levels to this question.

One is to know that we as a society are going to be responsible for the creation of a new money system. No one is going to save us. Most of us, including me, don’t know exactly how to create a new and fair means of equitable exchange. Have you ever asked yourself, “why is it I am born and exist on planet earth, a virtual paradise, and yet I have to earn money to eat? When you see beggars, and homeless people in the streets, does this look right to you? When you see the sick and suffering around you? When you see poverty and decay? Isn’t there something wrong with this picture? So perhaps a guaranteed universal income. I don’t know, but we will see.

Before we are ready to do that, we must change our consciousness around money, or we will recreate exactly what is already failing.

There are two levels to the question. First, how do you change your energy around money? That means changing our feelings around money. Is the money yours? What is money for in your life? Most people really want a thriving home and community. They want to be one with their families and communities. Oneness means collaboration, to make things better for all members. Where another’s success is our success, and where we celebrate this with gratitude. Most of us are or want to be generous, when we have gratitude in our lives that the things we need for a fulfilled life are being met. Perhaps we don’t realize that bringing the frequency of love into our lives releases the fear, contraction, and lack that keeps us from experiencing abundance. Abundance is not acquiring more money, which is what many people have thought. Abundance is an expression of consciousness. When we our money the frequency of these energies, we will bless our own lives and create a whole collective consciousness for a new economic system that reflects these values.

It may not be so easy to make the shift of transitioning our hearts and minds from scarcity to abundance. We need to recognize that our thoughts and emotions affect the state of our consciousness, and thus our behavior to create the state in which we live. Divine Love is actually our nature and the nature of the universe, but our manifestation of this world today reflects our negative beliefs in lack and scarcity. We need to change and transcend the limitations of those beliefs.

So we need to do our own work around our personal and collective money conditioning. Rather than being in ego contraction around money and lack, we can move out of that identification and instead connect with our Beingness, our soul, or who YOU are as a spark of creation. When we are in our souls, our Beingness, we are in contact with self-love, as an aspect of universal divine love, and we are in alignment with higher consciousness about ourselves, homes, communities, countries, and the world.

Take a moment to reflect and look at where you are right now. What is happening in your home? Your community? How can you be present to the current situation and bring your energy, not your panic?

We all need an integration process. A time to set aside and be still to consider letting go of beliefs and our longtime conditioned self, basically our inner conditioned child. We have been letting the inner child run the show, instead of our heart connected with our Being, our unique incarnation of the one source. We need to remember who we truly are. To release and heal from our hurts and traumas, the patterns, habits, belief systems, that block our transformation.

This great task of evolving our life requires bringing consciousness and sending love to the parts of you that have become lost. They keep you lost in the state of separate entity identity. I want you to be able to recognize in your own experience that it is your thoughts and emotions that affect the state of your consciousness and your behavior in daily life and create the state of the reality in which you live every day. And collectively in which we all live every day together as one. My online money course is designed to help you identify and begin to transcend your personal money patterns and become more aware of those of the collective.

You could refer to this next level as energetic philanthropy.

When we shine the light on the shadowed areas of our life, we can see the opportunities for change. This brings us into a higher vibrational alignment with the source of consciousness that allows Being to flow in our lives as a recognition of self-love and a centered empowerment from loving yourself. That is when we will start to experience the Abundance of the Universe.

In other words, we need to purify our patterns to allow the flow of “currency”, of who we are in the NOW. Where we know that abundance is flow. The Virus has been accelerating this consciousness, as it is a blood disease of stagnation just like our money system.

You are releasing parts of your personality and situations of your life that do not serve you anymore. This is not easy and it requires work. Work that can be painful. So remember that while you are experiencing pain, the promise is there at the same time. We are dematerializing our lives to come into alignment with the light of true consciousness.

As Zintobeing Diamond Astrology says, “Remember you are investing in your own evolution!”

The decision to reach out and believe in yourself will take you beyond the manipulation, fear, and control by others, which has been a hallmark of the now crumbling antiquated financial system. You will stop giving power to others, being a victim and blaming others, but rather will stand in your own sovereignty and use your discernment to see your true experience in each moment and to act from that.

In addition to working on your own shadow money aspects, it is important to look at what is happening in the now. What is happening around us as the current societal pillars are crumbling. For example, it is tempting to meet the current darkness with anger and fear, but that just continues to feed the beast of lack and scarcity. And fear makes us more susceptible to manipulation by the old system that struggles to hold us.

So rather do not focus on the media, the Internet, entertainment, and newspapers that are all full of dark messages that soaking into and invading your consciousness, and that cast you into fear, anger and revenge. Instead, focus on the light of your transformation and the embrace of unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness. Seek out real collaboration with your fellow human beings. Unconditional love seeks only to give something (unlike conditional love that wants something), the light of selfless love.

So now you see how we confer our energy to our money. When we are generous, we give it the frequency of love and gratitude and our blessings to where it (the money/energy). Being generous releases the contractions, fears, and scarcity that hold back the abundance that we so desire. It increases the love in our lives and those with whom we share the generosity, so we can receive in more grace and ease-filled ways. You could refer to it as energetic philanthropy.

This is where humanity is heading. To more unity and oneness and unconditional love. We will move from a money system whose currency was materialistic and focused on property, wealth, and power over others and they will keep you lost in the state of separate entity identity. I want you to be able to recognize in your own experience that it is your thoughts and emotions that affect the state of your consciousness and your behavior in daily life and create the state of the reality in which you live every day. And collectively in which we all live every day together as one. Freedom to be who you truly are. And where others’ successes are your successes too, because we are all one humanity.

So ask yourself, don’t you truly want more than anything to be free? To experience abundance in a universe where abundance as a universal law is your birthright. And it is important to recognize that your reward unfailingly matches your investment. The more you give to this journey, the more your life will be transformed.

A Message from Ascended Master Saul

By John Smallman

LOVE is the answer

“And this won’t just affect humanity, but the planet. It will support and establish a caring and responsible stewardship of Planet Earth. A stewardship that will ensure the well being of the planet, while at the same time guaranteeing satisfying and uplifting living conditions for all of humanity without exceptions.

As all is divinely taken care of, there will be no winners and losers, no conquerors and vanquished, because all will succeed and delight in the success of all, as Love’s all-inclusive embrace envelopes all.”

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