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The New Man

I just reread my last two blogs. What am I going to say now, nearly two years later, when we are even deeper into the chaos of the dismantling of the systems at a level I never dreamed of? I honestly thought humanity would wake up sooner to the realization they must stand in their own sovereignty and discernment and take back their lives, and in the US, their republic which has stood for freedom in this world, from those in control. Those who, rather than serve and protect, have made a grab for everything at our expense. And unbelievably to me as I have watched what has unfolded over the last two years, we seem to be only at the beginning of an awakening. So, no Great Awakening so far, more like small scattered puddles of partial waking up. Instead we are being offered by those in control the Great Reset, which is the opposite of sovereignty- medical tyranny and a digital currency social credit system. Ego enslavement, not freedom of our Unique Individual Human Beingness. We have forgotten and seemingly have no idea what amazing magical beings in the universe we actually are.

Martin Geddes, in his book, Open Your Mind to Change, describes Pathocracy, which is “the societal adoption of psychopaths’ institutional beliefs”. The process is infiltrating the institutions and then an inversion of their moral value system. This can happen anywhere, but the danger is in situations where psychopaths can hold great power over the rest of us. “The obvious cases include politicians, military leaders and CEOs”, but he also points to those that work in what has become, what I call, the medical tyranny system, and also includes ministers of certain religions.

The “arrival of the media business gave psychopaths the leverage over the rest of us.This coincided with the growth of urban society, hierarchical organizations, and licensed professional conferring authority. These are irresistible targets for psychopaths, since they amplify their control over others.”

His perspective is that “we are now at a place of peak pathocracy.”


I have, over the years, mostly tried to not use what many consider to be inflammatory language. Not because I don’t agree with what is being said, but because I discovered it doesn’t reach people. I learned the hard way, both after the false flag event of 911 and then with the advent of what I was calling the plandemic in 2020. Most of my (ex)friends and family believe I am a conspiracy theorist or at the least, have “lost my capacity to reason”. (There is no conspiracy theory when it turns out to be true. What will that make me then?). I find that very sad, because there has been no engagement in inquiry into the truth with any of them. I have always thought seeking the truth is a most important part of the spiritual path, which I have been on most of my life. That engagement in an inquiry into what is true was offered, but rejected virtually every time. And so I found myself leaving my home of 30 years, my spiritual path of 25 years, which was more woke than awake, to move closer to like-minded people and where I could live off grid growing my own food and watch the systems that I always knew needed to disintegrate, fall down around me. Over the years, I have spoken about the money system, and written about the money system, because that is where I have life experience. But I was very aware of the distortions in the medical, educational, and religious systems as well. And how media kept them all glued together and spoke about this in my blog, Humanity Waking Up.

But I also understand. As human beings, life for some time on the planet has not reflected to us who we are. Instead, it has increasingly seemed about survival. I was lucky enough to live the Hippie 60’s decade of Make Love, Not War and believed it and it brought me hope the tide was shifting. I was also lucky to meet and be taught by a universal master, Osho, for whom the need for a New Man was the seed point of his teachings. But he also taught me rebellion, and thus the first step to sovereignty:

A rebellious person is one who has

understood the whole nonsense of

the Society, and simply slips out of it.

he does not fight with it; on the

surface he even continues to

pretend that he belongs with you.

He is a clever person.

He is clever enough- he is

neither orthodox nor revolutionary, he is just


So instead of discerning what is the truth, and claiming sovereignty saying “NO, Enough!” During the last two years, humanity has had to go deeper down the rabbit hole and we have indeed been suffering greatly as a result. We are going into a period of revelation soon, as truths that have been censored make into the public arena, and we will have no choice but to see it. But we will also see by not waking up sooner, how much humanity has suffered and will suffer from our choices. So it is not going to be easy. Painful, but necessary apparently.

What truths, you might be asking? I have not watched TV news and rarely movies for 20 years. Instead, I have been following alternative media and what has become to be known as “truthers’ for those decades. I couldn’t possibly pull together a cogent history of what I have learned. The amounts of material is unfathomable and it’s not my expertise. Luckily we have many experts in their fields, and many talented podcasters who are excellent at knowing who to interview, and brilliant data analysts, that will be presenting what we need to know for years to come.

I see evidence daily that truth is now beginning to come out more and more and will be difficult soon to avoid and there are places where experts can be found, although censorship has made that difficult. One favorite long time truth channels that has a very large library spanning decades is Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot where she also posts current events. For example, The Truth Tour June 24- July 24 in 22 cities at And a long time world-renowned money expert is Catherine Austin Fits of (who wrote an endorsement on my book cover).

But if you are interested, you will find the truth. You need to do the research for yourself. This is your truth. Your evolution. No-one can save you or do it for you. And where, if you don’t know already, you can discover for example the difference between woke and awake, and what is a false-flag event.

But more importantly as spiritually evolving beings I think it’s really important to ask ourselves questions like “why do I want to go down the road of DNA manipulation and where does that lead to and is that I want?” Or “What will happen to my organic biology” Or “Is this reversible?”

“Why have I voted for and turned over my sovereignty to people who do not have my interests or well-being in mind, but rather their own agendas and pockets” “Why have I believed them when I have seen again and again their agendas?”.

So why am I saying this all now? Why didn’t I write this in my book, Money Spirituality, Consciousness? Or in my blogs? There are two reasons for that. One is, I knew from experience it wouldn’t be accepted, so I chose a soft path rather than a confronting one. One where self-responsibility and sovereignty were developed with increasing consciousness and not a battering ram. The second is that I have made a huge jump during this time in my own consciousness, and I believe that possibility is available for everyone.

Again, a quote from my beloved Osho:

You are very ancient ones, you are not new ones here.

You have trodden the same Earth thousands of times.

The Earth is new in comparison to you

because you have been to other planets also.

You have been eternally here.

You have been millions of things.

You are not a clean slate, much is written there.

We are very lucky to be here during this momentous time. So yes, like Geddes said, we have reached peak pathocroacy, but we have also reached the portal to a new reality for humanity.


So what does it mean to say “No”. It is not to enter into any kind of war against what appears to be dark forces. Rather it is to step from the dark into the sunlight. You have the experience that when you shine light in darkness, it disappears. Similarly, the more light you let into your being, the less room there is for shadow.

And light is electromagnetic energy. As the Shumann Resonance increases, (recently from an average of 7.8 to 40) so does the amount of light coming into the planet. It’s physics. And so it is available for all of us if we allow it.

It doesn’t mean we don’t still need to do our work on ourselves. We have been so conditioned by a money system based on greed, and competition, and scarcity, and lack, and separation that we have no understanding that our very nature is abundance and money can be Love not War.

We can be one humanity with enough for all, so that each and every one of us can express our unique gifts and contribute to the whole. Where empathy, love, compassion and opportunities for all are the human qualities we value. The capacity for emotions that make us natural human beings, and not psychopaths that no longer have a natural human emotional body and thus have no capacity for empathy, sympathy, or love..

So yes, the money system will need to crash, but it will be replaced with something much more in alignment with who we truly are as Magical Beings of Love and Light. Im not saying it will be easy, to create new systems out of chaos. It will be a lot of work. And not everyone will survive. So there is more pain for us to experience, but as we wake up to the truth of what has happened, we can trust that humanity is not only surviving, but entering into a new era. And we get to be here on Gaia during this amazing time of the shift of consciousness of humanity! It may feel difficult to believe me right now, but as this journey unfolds you will realize the truth of of all I am saying at the appropriate moment for your unique consciousness journey.

Maybe we will have a new money system with integrity that is a win win for everybody. And it works, easily. Like the channel Kryon reflected, just 5 currencies, one for each continent, and probably with technology some kind of digital currency. But ones that work easily and quickly to allow is to connect directly without a money system authority in-between. Not a money system just for the few in control. And not a money system that supports other systems of control, like the medical system that is also disintegrating because it is keeping people sick for money. And all religions and spiritual groups in our current world are based on money.

Again, from my beloved Osho:

“The new man is no battleground, no split personality, but an image of man unified, unique, fully synergetic with life in its totality. The new man embodies a more viable, mutant image of man, a new way of being in the cosmos, a qualitatively different way of perceiving and experiencing reality. So please don't mourn the passing of the old. Rejoice that the old is dying, the night is dying, and the dawn is on the horizon. 


This is a very great crisis. If we take the challenge, this is an opportunity to create the new. It has never been so ripe at any time in the past. You are living in one of the most beautiful ages ― because the old is disappearing, or has disappeared, and a chaos is created. And it is only out of chaos that great stars are born. 


You have the opportunity to create a cosmos again. This is an opportunity that comes only once in a while ― very rare. You are fortunate to be alive in these critical times. Use the opportunity to create the new man.


And to create the new man you have to begin with yourself.”

So let’s begin…….

And it is important to ALWAYS remember, as a human being you are not who you have been told you are. I have been discovering we are magical cosmic beings of light who can create our own reality. So perhaps we will create something of a totally new paradigm, an organic one based on nature. As Oracle Girl has said, we need to “step back into the arms of nature” where nature’s morality is to mirror to us who we are, so we can choose with free will what we wish to create with consciousness. Then we will be truly living the trinity of the title of my book, Money, Spirituality, Consciousness.

Stay tuned. I might change my website to LogosofLight to reflect this NEW HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS and the change to our human creator being work we will each be doing in alignment with this new era of humanity.


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