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Video Coursework for Our Time

Money Consciousness & Spirituality

Learn To Be in the World of Money and Not Of It

The financial system is coming apart on a global scale, and it is our consciousness or lack of it that will impact a new era of how money will unfold. It is your responsibility to rise above fears and limitations inherent in this time of change. This is required in order for you to enjoy the universal law of abundance that is our right.


But most of us will continue with experiencing the fear, deficiency and scarcity in our money lives because of our belief in lack and limitation.


This online course is a meeting with your truth.   It will enable you to see the sources of the limitation beliefs and patterns, opening a possibility of freedom from them. The book will take you even more deeply into transformation and freedom.

The Video Course 

A Guided Inquiry 

The Money Consciousness & Spirituality video series uses a combination of lectures along with the practice of self- inquiry to take you deeply into your own experience of money. This awareness is needed for you to transform your consciousness around money, enabling you to act in your life with more objectivity, freedom, and maturity.


In becoming conscious about money in your life, money can be restored to its true purpose, a tool of support for who each human being truly is.

Find the Joy of Being that cannot come from any possession but emanates from with you. 

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The Book:

Dozens of books promise you the keys to financial success and abundance. But do you know how to dissolve the age-old split between money and spirit that is keeping you from living your life fully? How do you master the mechanics of responsible financial stewardship as you embrace the world of money as a spiritual practice?

Money • Spirituality • Consciousness will lead you through an experiential inquiry into your personal relationship with the world of money, demystifying the psychological, historical, sociocultural, and spiritual dimensions of money. 


Find the answers that will allow you to use money as an effective tool, a creative extension of who you are—an expression of your uniqueness in the world.


Packed with useful tools,  this book includes inquiry exercises and various charts to complete to make the material personal and relevant to your situation.

“I assumed that this book was only about money, but I discovered it to be the most fascinating guide to living a life of truth. Mayuri takes the most common thing in our daily lives—money—and helps us pull the covers off the great mess of beliefs, fears, loyalties and so-called conventional wisdom around it. Then she gives us questions—beautiful, deep questions like a golden string we can follow to find and live from what matters most to us as we use, receive, and give money.”  

—Sherry Ruth Anderson, coauthor of The Cultural Creatives and The Feminine Face of God


About the Author

Mayuri Onerheim developed the Money Consciousness & Spirituality Course to help people understand money.  Not from a conventional view where money, not as intended, has become a source of our spiritual separation, and a reflection of our cultural belief systems and ego conditioning, but rather as an energetic expression of our deeper spiritual nature.

She conducts workshops in the continental US, Canada, Europe, Hawaii, Australia, and the United Kingdom and has taught at the Esalen Institute, the Tibetan Buddhist Sukhasiddhi Foundation, and the Sufi community.

With her background as both a spiritual teacher and CPA, Mayuri is in a unique position to help people with both their practical and spiritual aspects of money.

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