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Our New Global Threats

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The Breakdown of The World’s Financial System

I was at a small money gathering  yesterday with a group of people who meet periodically to both understand what is happening in our money system and to contemplate how to impact the consciousness in whatever we can around it. I thought I would share what transpired there in order to bring consciousness to both your personal relationship to money and what is happening in the world regarding our money system.

What is becoming apparent is that the problem is not random events or some tweakable features of our money system that the media and our governments like to point to, but rather the structure of the market itself. We are in a new world and we have been using obsolete algorithms. We are now in a face-off between the financialization of the world  and the real world. We have been following money loops that have nothing to do with our physical reality and in fact have mostly been undermining it and the old structures are falling down.

The UN has an advisory group called the “UN Inquiry Into Redesigning The Financial System For Long-Term Sustainability”, which is confronting the collective denial of trying to optimize a bad design. There is a new global paradigm emerging with new global threats that include restricted consciousness and planetary awareness. The UN recognizes that with computerization and 1000s of transactions per second, our financial systems are constantly working with obsolete data. The quarterly reporting system of Wall Street that all public companies listed on stock markets must conform to don’t reflect current needs of a longer-term system that reports also social and planetary impacts and not just profit.

Some of the other global threats they are recognizing are: restricted consciousness and planetary awareness; the lack of job creation which could end in social unrest because of the widening gap between those who have and those who don’t; the overpopulation in the world, where it has become clear there is no solution without the empowerment of the world’s women; the communization of our joint earth resources that recognize common ownership; a financial free for all where un-thought-through solutions that are based on old values of greed, power and ego, and lack of human values including trust are foisted on the marketplace (such as bit coin); a commercial sector that through competition is in a race to destroy itself by moving product prices closer and closer to $0 that undermines workers and the environment; and a currency used based on fossil fuels that doesn’t reflect social or planetary values. What is becoming clear is that we can’t spend our way out of this situation. One metaphor I heard is that all the money printed to attempt to bail out banks and the financial system may as well have been set on fire in the middle of the ocean.

Yet most people are unaware what is going on. The question becomes ” How Do We Raise the Alarm?” In America, to raise consciousness about the situation would require a lot of heavy lifting because we have until recently been isolated from the problem and our media has not been informing us because it is controlled.  Yesterday, our small but august group, had the fortune of having Hazel Henderson, a world money visionary with a new book, Mapping The Global Transition Into The Solar Age, who is a member of the UN advisory council, speak to us remotely. When someone asked her how to implement a new money paradigm, her response was “one death at a time”.  It is that dire. I’m hoping however, that we don’t need to blow the gasket of the financial system and enter the dark ages, but wake up and start demanding the broad scale implementation of solutions.

Some creative solutions that Hazel and others were discussing yesterday included:

  • The movement from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Denmark is a leader in community energy cooperatives of local solar or wind farms (a mother nature annuity); changing our currency from fossil fuel based to a KWH base currency. There are organizations such as the Green Money Working Group who are already implementing such currencies.

  • Guaranteed incomes. Brazil has been doing this for several years and has brought 20 million people out of poverty. It is also a hot topic in Europe where 50% of graduating students can’t find jobs. And should be a hot topic here.

  • The empowerment of the world’s women and the encoding of feminine values, including collaboration, family, relationship, into the money system.

  • Common Ownership. A collaborative commons of cooperation “with liberty and dividends for all”.

  • Education of CEO’s to the severity of the problem.

  • Employing unused resources such as the 97% of the world’s water for agriculture and planting some of the 10,000 varieties of salt-loving edible plants in out deserts.

There are a significant number of companies that are looking at deep DNA changes, but we need a deep purification process and a more right-brain business solutions with a pipeline of creativity and sustainability. But those in control will not relinquish power easily and will have to be pushed to do it.

We need an increase in consciousness on this planet and it is becoming clear that our money system is going to be a catalyst for that shift in consciousness. As Naomi Klein points out in her book, This Changes Everything, “the most profound threat humanity has ever faced, is the war our economic model is waging against life on earth.”  You are being called to wake-up and participate in a consciousness revolution. Perhaps those of you who are reading this will recognize that I am attempting to raise the alarm.  We will be changed whether we want to or not, so let’s wake up and demand and participate in building a better world

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