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Sex and Money

Updated: May 30, 2020

How Heartless Money Mirrors Heartless Sex The biggest wound on the planet is the split between spirit and matter. Human beings have not come to terms with the creative force of the universe: the force of the galaxy that comes through the flesh as the sexual drive. We are not wise about it, but rather throughout history have often made it complicated or often made it wrong.  Even a sin.  You can see that mammals don’t have problems with their sexuality; rather, it is the prevue of the realm of the human. There is so much negative programming around sexuality and so much acting out. Sexual abuse is rampant. What we haven’t come to understand is that the creative, sexual force of the universe is inescapable.  It is conspiring to turn us on. And it is a huge drive in our lives: we want babies and we want sex. Bliss and orgasm are not sins, but the natural expression of this sexual force. What we don’t recognize is that at the source of creation is the universal marriage between the creative force of the universe and the heart of the universe. And we each contain this universal marriage. This is a mystery of the body. The way the split manifests in us is as a split between the genitals and the heart. What is between the heart and genitals is the diaphragm, where we store a lot of our ego patterns and conditioning. You can see evidence of that split in some of the cultural images we hold, such as the split between the Madonna and the Whore. You can see it in spiritual communities who profess celibacy, but the guru is sleeping with his students. When we become more conscious by working on the ego structures that exacerbate that split, our consciousness begins to value our true nature and opens to the ground of our Beingness. That Beingness informs the soul about our personal preciousness, and our natural integrity and dignity. With maturation, we start to understand that respect for ourselves, since we are not separate, must also mean respect for the other. The result is that we can no longer act out against others or ourselves. When we become more conscious, what happens to our sexuality is that we move from “ego” sex to “essential” sex. The creative force of the universe rises up and opens all the centers in our body, and our hearts are touched. By love. Truth in the heart is love. Sexuality becomes the experience of the ground of being, our true nature, through it’s own flesh. That is what is supposed to happen. At this point, you might be asking yourself what this has to do with money. Money is a manifestation and thus is also part of the creative force in the universe, a part of the expression of that same force through the body. So it is subject to the same split as we experience in our sexuality. The evidence for this surrounds us. Sex for money, prostitution, is a prevalent example. Or sex trafficking. Or the epidemic of pornography.  Or look at our magazine ads where young girls are sexualized for expensive goods that we don’t really need. That is a form of sexual abuse. None of this heartful or essential sex, but rather a reflection the body, the genitals, being objectified, and money is kept in that realm too. When we are identified only with our bodies, we are subject to our animal soul, our instincts that seek for pleasure. But it is not satisfying because what we really want is to be who we truly are, our Beingness, where angelic lust is more important than lust for money, objects, sex which are only of the body disengaged from the heart. We have fallen prey to the insanity of our culture and the promises of the world which leave us feeling empty and our lives without meaning. The 1% is the epitome of the distortion of money. Life’s motivation has become money, power and dominance. That is on the extreme other side of the continuum of respect for ourselves, for others and integrity and dignity. The 1% is in service to a self-centered self and not to the true purpose of being here on planet earth as a mystery school, in service to each of us bringing our uniqueness to the planet. This is what I say in my book, Money•Spirituality•Consciousness: Money is meant to keep moving from hand to hand, which is why it is called currency. Greed and hoarding undermine, even destroy, the purpose of money and cause the current to stagnate. The more that money flows in a society, the richer the society is, because the flow supports the unfolding of human potential in all of its citizens. Fiscal liberty that is restricted only to the privileged classes creates a hierarchy that gives rise to unhealthy competition and ambition, dependence, helplessness, possessiveness, domination and oppression of others, and ultimately to tyranny. When money flows, it functions as a servant of all rather than a commodity controlled by a few.” This lack of flow of money mirrors the split between the heart and the genitals that doesn’t allow the creative flow to reach the heart. Love Money What is needed is moving money to the heart. In other words essentializing money just as we need to essentialize our sexuality. We could no longer do harm. We would see that we are not separate and that each of us deserves respect and the dignity of enough money to actualize their potential as human beings. Since each of us is unique, our realization would reveal our singular gifts and capacities, which could then be expressed in the world of form, of manifestation. This is the creative aspect of money. Imagine what our world would be like if our money became an extension of our deepening realization, reflecting all of our unique gifts and capacities. But that means bringing consciousness to ourselves in the midst of our money, and our sex. When we embody our true nature, we will embody the marriage between the force of the universe and the heart of the universe. And since Love is an essential fabric of the universe, both sex and money will carry the Power of Love. That is our potential.

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