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Money Morphogenics

Updated: May 31, 2020

Increasing Your Money Consciousness Impacts The World

I just got back to California from teaching the Logos of Money in London. It is always touching to see how impactful it is when group participants address their consciousness around money. How transformed they are. How it opens a whole new journey for them with respect to their money, and since money is imbedded in everything we do, then also their lives. I love to see the excitement when the possibilities, the potential of a new way of being begins to penetrate their consciousness.

But this time I was aware of something else. The energy of the field, the consciousness that we were creating. This is not a new concept or experience in any way. The first time I remember really being aware of this field, was what was called the “Buddhafield” when I was around the mystical master Osho in my youth. It was palpable. I remember Him saying how a buddhafield will impact the consciousness of those who enter it, that they can actually be transformed just by being in the field. The work of those who created the field earlier impacts those who enter the field, so there is a growing impact on consciousness.

This is what Osho has said about it : A buddhafield is one of the most mysterious phenomena in existence. It simply means whenever someone becomes awakened, his consciousness radiates a certain aura around him. Whoever is receptive, available, can be transformed by the radiating energy from an awakened being. The very presence of the awakened person can hit you so deep that your dormant energy starts awakening.

What brought the field to my attention this time, may have been because of the size. There were 95 people and usually my groups are smaller. The first thing that I noticed in this regard was the amount of resistance is the field. Which is natural from a couple of levels. There is a natural resistance of the ego when it knows you are going to challenge it. The ego is invested in the status quo. And to compound that, the money subject itself brings up a lot of resistance- people would rather talk about their sex lives, or even death, more than their bank accounts. So I addressed it directly, and told the participants they might be in separate selves right now, and not aware of a field, but I promised that by the end of our money journey together over the weekend that they would recognize the field we had created and would be impacted by it.

The first inkling I had the participants were feeling the field came when someone during a question and comment segment said this was first time they had come to a money event where the energy was not dominated by greed. But that was only the beginning of the field development. The segments on Enoughness and Money and the Heart brought us all into the awareness of the field that we had been creating, one of oneness and consciousness rather than separation and greed. And that is what is needed in our money system. The idea I was expounding that we can contribute to a paradigm shift in the money system became a palpable reality pregnant with untold possibilities for all of us who were present.

One big surprise was that there was someone participating in my group from Bain Investing- Mitt Romney’s enterprise. I never would have expected someone from that organization would be interested in the Logos Of Money. What he made me aware of in a conversation, was that the location of the group on Haymarket Street in London was actually right in the middle of banks and hedge fund organizations. I know from my experience of consciousness fields that we were impacting that status quo by what we were creating over the weekend. Whatever consciousness we each create as individuals, but more powerfully in a field, extends out to touch those around us through a direct transmission.

But not just spiritual teachers recognize consciousness fields. Science is beginning to recognize them as well. They call them morphogenetic fields. Until recently science was preoccupied with a mechanistic view of reality, and left out consciousness . They now consider morphogenetic fields, which they call fields of influence, as a new science of life. This is a new perspective for science, although not for spiritual teachers who have know for millenium that a field of consciousness can become a network of influence. Osho goes on to say “The presence of the sun suddenly gets reflected in millions of ways and creates a network of light, life, joy, fullness, overflowing ecstasy. That’s what I mean by a buddhafield. One man getting awakened means the sun has risen. It is the declaration that the dark night of the soul is at an end. But it is possible only if there are millions of people spread all over the earth to create a connectedness. With this net of energy we may be able to transform many people who had no idea, who had never dreamed that there is something more than a mundane life.

I was astounded to listen to the subject weekly Solari Report last night by Catherine Austin Fitts of, where she was talking to the philosopher Jon Rappaport about the bureaucracy of force in the world and exercises we can do to change our morphogentic field from the current cultural one we find ourselves in and thus protect ourselves from being “harvested” by the fields of those in power. It was impacting to recognize that we were sharing a field of consciousness about the need to impact the field of consciousness!

The bottom line here is that we don’t need to feel helpless at the effect of the current money paradigm, but that all the work that we each do will change the field of consciousness and extend out into the world to create a difference and contribute to a paradigm shift of untold magnitude. We CAN change the money system. Like Buckminster Fuller said, “We are called to be the architects of our own future, not its victims”.

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