The Desire Diet

by Mayuri on January 14, 2011

Hitting the Offswitch on Consuming

Following your desires and wishes ties you to the wheel of doing and that requires money. And money requires time. So, you end up taking away the energy to just be. It also keeps you outwardly focused, stopping the inward movement that will uncover the light that you are.

This is a practice that can push the offswitch on our outer-directed projector and create an inward direction for our attention and help us be with what actually is. This practice will also bring you into moment-by-moment intimate contact with your worldly desires so you can see how they are operating in your life and give you greater understanding of the nature of desire.

For a period of time, not less than 6 weeks, take an aim to take a fast from your wishes and desires. Not to stop try and stop them from arising- but rather just not act on them.  And then inquire as each one arises, what is underlying the desire. For example, you want to buy a pair of jeans. When you sit with the desire, you see that you believe that will make you more beautiful. You are already beautiful. Or, you may look in the mirror and see wrinkles and wish you were younger. It immediately brings the desire for a facial (or even a facelift). As you inquire, you may feel the fear of your mortality and recognize how you don’t accept your aging and the reality of impermanence.

At first, when you begin this practice it may feel like a fast as you come face to face with not having what you believe you need.  But with time, space, and consciousness (what you come to see and understand about yourself as you do this practice) it will begin to feel like a feast, because you will be coming closer to who you really are. And then you may find yourself having freedom from the morphogenetic field of the world caught in external desires.

What I mean by that is a pattern-related field of resonance where knowledge, structure or behavior become increasingly imbedded as a collective habits and beliefs which both influence and are accessible to to others in the field. British biologist Rupert Sheldrake postulated after several experiments that there is a field of habitual patterns that links all people, which influences and is influenced by their habits. And some of those habits of the last few decades has been unsustainable overconsumption,  the valuing of the material over the spiritual, self-destructive debting- subjects I have addressed in earlier posts.

The point here is that, as long as we are acting out of the field, and not out of our own truth, we cannot actualize our unique potential as a human being. We will remain a sheep, an asleep follower of the status quo. The point of the practice is not to separate you from the human world, but rather to give you much greater understanding about the nature of desire and how it operates in the world, thereby giving you the freedom of choice.

So practicing the desire diet, will not only impact your pocketbook in a favorable way, but will support you on your spiritual journey to be who you truly are in the world, your unique humanness.

But it will also contribute consciousness to the human morphogenetic field and perhaps bring a new paradigm of consciousness along with the emerging new paradigm of money. Now wouldn’t that be fun!

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