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It is easy with the current economic crisis to fall into shock and awe, it has made us much more aware of how money and survival have such a big connection for us. But the financial system is not broken; rather, it is moving from what was not real to what is real. For us to be part of that, it is necessary for us to become more real too and be more objective about and intimate with ourselves and our relationship to money.

Mayuri  uses a combination of lectures and the practice of self- inquiry in her workshops. The practice of inquiry takes us deeply into our own experience of the subject matter so we can become more conscious and aware of our psychodynamic issues, conditioning from our history both personally and culturally, and influences from our experiences. This awareness is needed for our consciousness around money to actually transform so that we can act in our lives with more objectivity, freedom and maturity.

For those on the spiritual path, since money is embedded in everything we do, in order to bring your realization into the world, at whatever level of realization you have, it is important to be aware of your relationship to money.

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My Money & Consciousness Course is  now available on Conscious 2. If you are interested in ordering the online course, click here.

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