A Talk with Mayuri Onerheim – Money, Spiritualty & Consciousness

by Mayuri on September 23, 2012

Berkeley California September 30th – The relationship between money, spirituality and consciousness.

Join Mayuri Onerheim for an inquiry into Money• Spirituality•Consciousness: an alternative perspective on money trends and how we will be impacted.

As we come to the end of the great recession, money plays a more influential role than ever in people’s lives, Yet most people know surprisingly little about the true nature of money, and its changing role in society as we enter a new era of consciousness. Not only is there a lack of knowledge about money and the energetic laws that guide it, but there Is also a substantial ignorance around our personal relationship to It.

This talk and inquiry invites both students of the Ridhwan School and members of the public to taste Mayuri’s work firsthand. and hear her unique insights into money, business, and the economy.

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