When Corruption Is The Norm

by Mayuri on April 14, 2012

Moving Toward Caring Is The New Economy

The other day I received a phone call from one of the natural gas suppliers of PG&E Gas in California, telling me that PG&E had no fixed prices from suppliers and as a customer I could choose and lock in such a price which would be to my benefit. I found myself telling him, that I did not trust the government, or any corporation, or any so-called public service,  to have my best interests at heart, and that I certainly couldn’t take his word for it. After I hung up, I realized I have lost the innocence I once had about those in leadership, either economic or political (they are no longer separable) having their constituents’ best interests at heart and  how I had come to expect lying, self-interest and corruption instead.

Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.com in her March 1, 2012 Solari Report on Things We Need In The New Economy said that we are fast approaching the point where it is no longer about corruption, but rather about freedom.  Our current economic situation flies in the face of  the  Declaration of Independence where all men are created equal, and we where we are supposed to have the inalienable  rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As she says, our very freedom is at stake.

How did we end up in this downward cycle of disregard and contempt for the other? Part of the answer is that the majority of us, who were in the economic category middle class,  were in denial about how our own “innocence” actually had a price: as long as we weren’t impacted in our personal worlds, we didn’t care about what was happening to others, most notably in the third world. It is only since the greed and corruption started to erode our personal standard of living and relegate us to the 99% that we have begun to pay attention. But we no longer have any economic power, and thus political power to change the status quo. That window has passed us by. Unless perhaps there is some kind of revolution………… But without a change of consciousness, any kind of revolution will ultimately fail.

What is left for us is to change our consciousness. We need to care for all the forms that pass through our lives, not possess them.  When we care, when we see God in ourself and the other, and we bow down and touch His feet in each of us, transformation can happen.

When we care, our values change. We  care more about our realization than we do about success in the world. We value becoming instead of doing. We focus on what supports our Beingness, such as communion, communication, purpose, meaning, rather than what supports our accumulation of money, of our so-called security- our ego’s attempt to cheat death. We will value true communication, not just networking. When we care, our actions come from love and not self interest. We will value truth over anything, including what we consider our  “survival”-  our standard of living, our homes, our personal possessions, our cars, our “rights”.

When our arms expand to include caring for all the forms, all the “other”s in our lives, we become bigger than our “self”. Just beyond our “self” is spirit.  When we transcend the self, there is a rebirth into a new level of consciousness- an evolution of consciousness. And since all of our systems are  made by us, there will be a parallel evolution of our economic system. Our Beingness will bring a new vision, and actualize a new potential. So caring is the New Economy.



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