Equality Rising

by Mayuri on May 4, 2012

Globalization and Inequality Are Mutually Exclusive

I have been reading a wonderful book,  Here On Earth by Tim Flannery. The title of his website, One World. One Humanity. One Destiny,  points to the oneness  from which he speaks. In his chapter , Of War and Inequality, he makes a case for poverty being everyone’s enemy in a globalizing world. He points to the fact that in a globalizing world, the nature of conflict will change. Because  there will be no “other” to fight, future conflicts will be more like civil war, or organized crime. He gives the example of Somalian pirates collecting $80 million a year in ransoms against 26 countries. Then there are the powerful and motivated  and yet impoverished youth who are likely to disrupt developing countries especially as distances are shrinking and knowledge of other is increasing. His point of view is that our only hope is to empower our societies and give them something to live for.

His solutions to alleviating poverty include “eradicating corruption in government, building the institutional structures that are prerequisites for prosperity and creating the well-regulated markets needed to build sustainable wealth.” He believes there will be at least a century of poverty ahead even with the most optimistic assessment, but sees hope as a “powerful tonic”. But he is speaking about relative prosperity, not absolute wealth. Those in developed countries use so much of the world’s resources, that it’s not possible for all of us to live like that without bankrupting the planet. He sees that the raising of the standard of living of the poor is challenging, but reducing  the consumption of resources by the rich is a far more difficult task.

He has a call to action:”if we decry excessive consumption wherever we see it, whether in four-wheel drives on city roads or in oversized and energy-hungry houses, we may succeed”.We are in agreement that this takes courage and individual action. In my view it also take an increase in consciousness. We have to bring prestige to something other than wealth’s status symbols and subscribe to Andrew Carnegie’s maxim that “to die rich is to be disgraced”. As Catherine Austin Fits of The Solari Report says we have no moral standing – we can no longer turn a blind eye toward what is happening as long as it doesn’t impact us. We are waking up to the fact that our history of self-centered ignorance  is impacting us- we are finding that our gated communities cannot keep the world out, and and overflowing prisons cannot keep what we don’t want to see contained. Technology has brought us face to face with the images of the fallout of our folly. But this waking up has to move us toward the recognition that value comes from our Beingness and not what we have. Eventually, as we move deeper into who we truly are, we will recognize that ALL men are created equal, and should have the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It will no longer be just words, or something to aspire to, but instead will instead be the irrefutable recognition that at our core we are not separate. That at the depth of reality, we are all one.

Yes, we need to create an equitable, sustainable world, but commensurate with that is an increase in consciousness. When we move toward our being, and not support the separate self that is fed by more is better, competition, and selfishness, but rather the  authentic self whose consciousness is interested instead in communion, connection, and whose agency and actions come from that recognition of  our true nature, then there will be the possibility of right action, because it will come from our deepest understanding and intention. Only then will globalization  parallel a movement toward oneness of Being. This is what “God” or “Being”or however you relate to the intelligence of consciousness wants for us. This is our destiny.

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