Sacred Money

by Mayuri on June 1, 2012

A New Economics For A New Era Of Man

I just finished reading Sacred Economics: Money, Gift and Society In The Age Of Transition by Charles Eisenstein. It is a beyond wonderful book and a must read for everyone and you can “gift” what you want for the book and order it online. What it says on his website about the book is that it “traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth.” In his view, and in mine, these trends have reached their consummate ends,  and leave us at a juncture of transition, and the possibility of finding a ” more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.”

Like me, he sees separation, our belief in ourselves as separate individuals as a culprit in our “credit-based interest-driven system” that has engendered competition, polarization, greed and that fosters compulsive growth in order to survive. The problem is, there is almost nothing left for us to convert into growth- as Mr. Eisenstein says  “there is almost no more social, cultural, natural, and spiritual capital left to convert into money.” The other pressure that our credit-based money system has created through debt is the polarization of wealth. As growth slows, there are people left “holding the debt bag with no way to pay it off, no one else to take the money from, and nothing to convert into new money.” People are struggling to pay for, going in debt to, just have life’s necessities.

The process of commoditizing everything is almost complete in America, and he sees globalization as the process of stripping assets in the developing world to feed “the money machine’s existential need to grow”. This happens when the production of goods and services (growth) can’t service its debt, and creditors seize assets instead. We have been spectators to this in America since the 2008 financial crisis- just look at  whats happening to homes and mortgages in this country. Many are waking up to the truth that there is something very wrong with our money system. This reminds me of something I heard twenty years ago from The Michael Channel,  a channeled spiritual system that profoundly impacted me. They revealed  how globalization was going to create serfs on a global scale, slaves to debt and to money and to the 1 % who would hold all the wealth, before the money system would begin to shift. I remember hoping that would happen after my lifetime, but it is already here.

We can no longer hope for growth to bail us out, because as Mr Eisenstein says, we are “maxed out”- ” we have nothing left to convert into money”. We are facing  what he calls  a “coming of age ordeal” and what I have called a paradigm shift. He puts it like this “Our economic and money system will no longer be agents of taking, of exploitation, of the aggrandizement of the separate self. They will instead be agents of giving, of creation, of service,and of abundance”. A large part of his book  describes how in the collective our money system can be transformed and  how we can each participate in that transformation.  He is truly a visionary.

My work has been to address our money issues such as separation on the individual level such as addressing the split between spirit and matter and factors that contribute to that, including taking ourselves to be separate. That bears another blog to talk about how he and I each see that, sometime similarly, sometimes differently, which I will do next time.

But right now I want to talk about his concept of “gifting” which I find magical in a practical way. In his view, a mature, connected self, the self of Beingness, comes into a balance of giving and receiving. As he says”In that state, whether you are a person, or an entire species, you give according to your abilities and, linked with others of like spirit, you receive according to your needs.” He calls this is a good description of a Sacred Economy. It is cyclical, not exponential. It encourages protection rather than deletion. It redefines wealth according to generosity and not accumulation and thus manifests abundance not scarcity. If this peaks your interest, and it should, because you are NOT separate from what is happening, then please follow the link to his website and order the book!

In his view, as a culture we have gone from an historical gifting one of abundance, to a money cycle that has taken us into the depths of separateness, greed, and deprivation, which again will lead us to another era of abundance.This is not different from the journey of each human being. We are born in Being, but without consciousness, and then we create the ego- which is a separation from our Being, our True Nature, but a necessary stage of development, and then as we continue our journey of consciousness, we again move toward Being, but this time with awareness and consciousness. One is the journey of the human race, the other is the journey of each of us. They mirror each other. How could they not? After all, planet earth is a mystery school.

In a very strange way I got a glimpse into a gifting community last night at the movies. I went and saw Bernie, based on a true story. The character’s habit of gifting transformed a whole town (Carthage, Texas) into a community that was even willing to forgive him of a murder of a woman whose behavior embodied everything that is wrong with our money system. I don’t believe I would have recognized this if I hadn’t just finished reading Mr. Eisenstein’s book that very day. I don’t even think that is what the director’s intention was. But Bernie engendered love, through his giving. And love is where we all want to go.

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