Chaos and The Economy

by Mayuri on February 4, 2010

A Spiritual View of the Economic Crises

I was at a mediation and guidance session the other night that was led by my friend, Pratima Freeman, who has been receiving guidance higher consciousness during meditation for many years. Not any particular being, but a transmission from a source of wisdom. See her website, Gifts of Guidance. She told me on the way to the evening she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to teach on.  Apparently during the meditation, she got the message that she was supposed to teach on joy, but had a lot of resistance to that. With all that was going on in the world, why joy? But that’s what we did, and it led to a very interesting evening about women and their role in the ending of  the patriarchy.

What I understood, is that we all need to stay connected to our joy. I am not talking about happiness here. Joy is experiencing everything without judgment or concern. It is a state of beingness. Whereas happiness requires that “this” happen and “not this”. There is a vast difference between them. Joy  is inclusive, while happiness is exclusive. Another example (mine) is that when we say abundance, we don’t mean the being state of feeling gratitude for the beneficence of existence, of consciousness and experience that flows through our lives, but rather we mean money.

So it is joy that is needed is for there to be a grounding in being while the world enters into chaos.  Why chaos? According to Pratima’s guidance, that is the only way the entrenched patriarchy will be able to loosen it’s grip on the world.  When I say patriarchy here, I am not blaming the masculine. What that refers to is the imbalance between the masculine and the feminine that has been affecting the world for probably 4000 years, since the time of Egypt. The masculine and feminine have  been equally affected. But as women, because of our womb wisdom, we can more easily stay in joy when there is chaos.  So it is the work women can do during this time- stay grounded in beingness.

I found this very interesting, because this is not the first I have heard of chaos with respect to what is happening right now in the world.  We simply have to look around at what has been happening economically for the last two years,  and if we haven’t been personally suffering yet,  we know many who are. I know many people’s survival instinct alarms have been going off.

I see the upheaval the world is experiencing as a sign of the human spirit. In history, there has been chaos before the fall of every empire- in Rome, the British Empire,  and perhaps now the American Empire. And in each case, the fall was presaged by a growing disparity between the haves and the have-nots.

I recently just read a book called Unplugging The Patriarchy by Lucia Rene. In that book she also talks about chaos in a similar vein. She sees chaos as the feminine and is actually the ability to surrender and let the Divine rule. Therefore,  implicit in chaos is divine order, but this is not as yet understood or valued by men.

In her view, the world is trying to move to the heart-based fourth chakra- to a new fourth dimensional world. Where one learns about unconditional love, where community collaboration and cooperation are organizing principles. Instead of a world where power is power over, where there is dominance instead of divine oneness.

So the paradox is that chaos is the beginning of a movement toward more balance.

This movement doesn’t say who will suffer and who won’t,  and it won’t necessarily seem fair to us who does or does not suffer, but it is for sure fortunes will be made and lost.

If we are looking outside of ourselves, into the world of ego, then the chaos and crashing that is happening will be a problem, a catastrophe. The ego will see negative factions and will want to blame.  Instead, we need to get out of our denial, stay with our negative feelings and face our fears within. It is only by seeing our illusions and unwise choices can  we begin to see a paradigm shift with untold opportunities for connecting with our self, our deeper nature, our beingness that is unaffected by the domain of the ego, the world.

It is only when we feel our brokenness that we can move toward wholeness.

If finances are much in your consciousness these days, then that is your path right now.  Perhaps it is about overcoming financial limitations to  find out how love, joy, truth beauty, all aspects of consciousness can manifest in your circumstances.

Again what we see, is that money is imbedded in everything that we do. So any movement in consciousness in the world will also mean a movement in money systems. If you pay attention to your relationship to money, you will become aware of the thread of your spiritual path. Our issues are the raw materials of our spirit. Like I heard the Michael channel say one day “If we achieved perfection, we would be spiritually unemployed”.

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