Opting Out of Serfdom

by Mayuri on June 5, 2009

Day to Day Living in the New Paradigm


In my last two blogs I talked at length about predatory lending and the debt economy getting us into trouble as a nation and as individuals.

We need to step out of the culture of easy money and magical thinking that allowed Ponzi schemes like Bernie Madoff- but not just him. If you look at  the whole bubble created by the debt system, you could say the whole of the state of Florida was a Ponzi scheme (look at the details of their real estate bubble). You could say all hedgefunds and therefore the fund managers were  a Ponzi scheme. You could say the whole country (supported by Greenspan and the Bush Administration) has been living a national Ponzi scheme. Maybe ( and I believe) the whole world economy has been a Ponzi scheme. Bernie Madoff was just the starting bell in this horserace.

I have an acquaintance here in Marin County who thought he was a multimillionaire. He had a thriving tax preparation business. Then he got into the investment business so his tax clients could invest in pension plans. And then he invested his own earnings in Florida real estate. The whole thing (except his tax practice- as taxes, like  death, are inevitable) has fallen like a deck of cards. Now he is deeply suffering from his delusion and is having great difficulty in accepting that. There are many people who are in the same boat and they are still living in hope that things are going to get back to “normal”.  They don’t understand yet that there is no normal to get back to.

Catherine Austin Fitts in her Solari.com website and blogs has spoken at length about the fallout we are about to endure. There are many who think that we are about to enter a time of extreme inflation, and the decimation of the US dollar. So even if you saw this coming, and quit debting, and even saved cash in order to get yourself through a tough period- may be left hanging with dollars that can’t buy anything. Or even worse, a social collapse.

If you think this can’t happen, then look at what happened in Russia. I recently heard that Dimitri Orlov spoke at the Mason Center in San Francisco on Social Collapse Best Practices.  He is a very wise and interesting man who  grew up in both the US and Russia and has written  and spoken extensively on social collapse. He has written a book, Reinventing Collapse,  about what happened in Russia and could very well happen here. Some people feel that the collapse of Russia was the collapse of communism as a world experiment and that the failure of capitalism as a world experiment  and therefore a similar collapse of the US social system in imminent, and in fact already happening.

The Michael Channel recently predicted through one of their channels I know personally that there will be global panic between October 2009 and August 2010.

So what as individuals can we do? The first thing is that we need to start taking responsibility. We can no longer bank on a centralized system that will take care of us. This to me is a reflection of what is happening in the world of consciousness.  The movement in consciousness on the planet is toward each individual becoming conscious in their own right.  This has been a been a characteristic of the California culture, which has in the past been labelled as  “new age ” and met with derision. Those who have been in the middle of the consciousness movement (many of us stayed in it since the 60’s)  know that it is not silliness, but deadly serious. Without an increase in consciousness, there is a good chance that we  as a species won’t survive. The planet probably will, but we won’t. What is happening right now is waking many up to that.

And the first thing that has to happen in that consiousness movement is that each person needs to start taking responsibility for thier own lives, both spiritually and economically. I always thought that it would happen the other way- that an increase in consciousness would lead to more conscious economic systems. But it seems we were too slow, and the economic collapse is going to force us to wake up. Of course there will be those who will refuse to wake up, but they are going to suffer more. I believe that as we start to take more responsibility for ourselves economically, that it will bring up issues in our lives, where we are confronted by ourselves in ways that we can only imagine as we go into this. And facing ourselves in the middle of these issues will increase our consciousness. I can’t remember who said it, but I love the phrase “that whatever doesn’t kill us will make us stronger” and believe it is very apropos of our current US situation.


So, what does it mean to take responsibility economically? Here is a list to start with, and I will talk bout these more in detail in the future:

     Stop consumer debting (credit cards).

     Start thinking locally rather than supporting a centralized system. That means with respect to your food, the charities you give to, where you keep your money (try local banks and credit unions who invest in your community). It might mean taking your home off the grid.

     Economic consiousness means that your money is an extension of who you are. So you need to know where your money is being invested and how the returns are being made and whether this fits with your personal value system. 

    Start doing scenario planning for these difficult times. The more you are prepared for any scenario that come down the pike, the more likely you are to survive and/or suffer less. This could mean even getting out of cash and into silver & gold and  stockpiling commodities against hyper inflation. Or maybe starting a community garden. 

  Quit chasing “more” and start to live out of a sense of sufficiency instead of a sense of deficiency. This requires a shift in consciousness.

Regardless of what you do, the first step is recognizing that noone else is responsible for you and that there is noone to blame. You were born alone, you will die alone, and you alone are responsible for what happens to you. And when you start to live like that, you will be able to respond rather than having to react. That is response- ability. That is a movement toward consciousness.

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