Olympics and Oneness

by Mayuri on August 3, 2012

How Oneness Consciousness Is Growing

Money & Oneness

As I watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in London, I was touched by many things. Mostly those things that pointed to a new way people are being with each other.  A valuation of cooperation and a celebration of people, without the note of  competition, even in a venue where personal best is honored.  It was wonderful to discover that most of the participants in the ceremonies were not paid, but rather volunteers who wanted to contribute to a world community that was coming together for 17 days. They weren’t thinking of just themselves, and what they could get, but what they could contribute. That made it  so alive with giving, instead of receiving.

And this was just the beginning of many other examples in the days; one that happened the day after the opening was hearing from the Canadian girls gymnast team , how thrilled they were to be able to compete in the team competition, even though only a couple were getting the opportunity to compete for individual metals.  Another touching moment, was when the African rower who had only practiced rowing for 3 months before entering the Olympics,  was met by a roaring crowd when he simply completed the course, albeit well behind his competitors. Or the USA swimmer, Missy Franklin, the 100m backstroke gold medal winner who had turned down hundreds of thousands of dollars of professional income in order to swim with her college team. When asked about it, she said “you can’t put a price on friendship”. Connection and communion was more important to her than money. Or Michael Phelps, after winning his 19th medal, a gold in a relay,  making him the highest decorated  Olympian ever, when  asked how he felt about how it was like to be that special person responded “We are one, we came out as one” including his relay partners and pointing away from his “self.” I’m sure as I point this out, you will have examples of your own that come to mind.

Getting back to the opening ceremonies, there had been much speculation about who the individual was who would light the torch on behalf of Britain at the end of the Opening Ceremonies. Many heroes were bandied about including  Mr. Soccer, Dave Beckham. The others I didn’t know, but their achievements seemed extraordinary- which I guess an Olympian is, really. But they are still not separate. Nor better. Not more special than anyone.  Yes, they have a gift and it is fun to enjoy it with them on a world stage. What I loved was the unprecedented   bringing of consciousness to our youth and the recognition it is they who really carry our legacy.  In the time of shifting paradigms that money is only a symptom of, it was heartwarming to see not just “a” youth, but many invited youth lighting the torch of the Olympic Flame.

It was also interesting to witness the journey through British history in the Opening Ceremonies, which is also a journey through our recent history of money.  The industrial revolution was a time of descent into darkness, when money was history of in the hands of a few who were exploiting others for their own benefit, until the somewhat mitigating rise of labor unions and abolition of child labor  and other social reforms as well as  the rise of  the middle class helped with the imbalance between haves and have-nots for a period of time. Again this same  exploitation, this same spread between those who have and those who don’t  is happening with globalization. As there was with the industrial age, there is  again a new technology, this time the internet.There has not been any  accompanying political and social  safeguards or processes and so again we find ourselves with the majority of the worlds assets in the hands of a few.

I have continued to talk about consciousness, as what is needed in the world to counteract selfishness and greed, and to begin to allow what is each of our right, to have enough to be able to actualize who we are as people, and not  have to struggle or even go into debt just to survive. One of the things that is needed I believe is for us to start to recognize ourselves in each others’ eyes. And that begins to happens when we start to know we are not separate.

A couple of blogs ago, I was talking about separation and oneness, which I do intend to cover again, but my intentions have been preempted by the Opening Ceremonies, and by Hey Jude.  It seems everbody knows that song, and were singing it with more of themselves than  just their voices, and people, no matter where they were, could feel that sound in their hearts and recognize they are a part of humanity. In that moment there was no separation at some level  for all of us participating in this spectacle . We were all human beings and it was palpable. It was a magical moment that  demonstrated oneness for everyone . Even my octogenerian parents knew Hey Jude were part of it as we watched the Ceremonies together (Although my mom thinks Paul McCartney can’t sing…..)

That moment so touched me because I could see this journey toward onenesss is already happening. And our money system, which is an extension of who we are into the world, cannot help but be impacted by the shifting consciousness that  is happening in  a world, where  there is a a beginning momentum for the investment in people.

At a time when there is such dire monetary news, this glimpse of a new consciousness has been a beacon of hope for new  direction.  It was gladdening to witness it.

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