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by Mayuri on July 5, 2012

Our Money System is Liquidating the World

Whidey-InstituteI just got back from attending a 4-day money conference at the beautiful Whidbey Institute near Seattle, Washington. It was fabulous to spend time in a community of like-minded people who all see the ongoing money crisis, not as a temporary dip in the current financial system, but rather an indication that the money system is broken. The prevailing view at the conference is that growth economics are no longer sustainable on the planet and the chaos that is unfolding is a symptom of  a coming landing into a new financial and economic paradigm. We don’t know yet what it will be or exactly when and how it will unfold, but unfolding it is and at an increasingly accelerated pace.

money & life movieThe conference was organized around a movie by documentary filmmaker Katie Teague that will be released in the fall of 2012, entitled Money & Life: A Story That Will Change Your Life. The conference started with a screening of the film. It is a very accessible film for people, in that it lays out the money system in a way that is totally understandable and coherent. It is something we should all be understanding at this time on the planet. My hope is that it will have a very wide release.  So I highly recommend that you visit the website, and if you want to stay informed about the release, register there.

The film addresses, as I have in earlier blogs, and in my forthcoming book, how what we have called growth has had a corresponding growth of debt. It is how our money printing system works- expansion of money has a corresponding debt expansion which was not really noticed by most of us until growth slowed. And the recognition that is happening at the same time is that growth is slowing because it is simply not sustainable.  We are just now beginning  to connect the dots between debt and ecology.  As Katie says in her film “Our money system is liquidating the world“.

Hazel Henderson ethical marketsIn addition to Katie at the conference were some world money thinkers who were beamed in for very illuminating sessions. Two of particular mention here are Hazel Henderson of Ethical Markets Media LLC  and John Fullerton of the Capital Institute- The Future Of Finance.

Each in their own way they addressed how our the financial sector has taken over the world and has been creating not an economy, but anti economy that has systematically created the symptoms and outcomes we are now experiencing. In their view, there needs to be a movement away from that sector  and instead a movement toward a regenerative economy. In order for that to happen, there needs to be a stop to growth which means a measure of wealth other the GDP (how much we make and consume which externalizes social costs) such as an integrative wealth index  that includes things like health, education, and poverty gaps, a stabilization of the nature capital (ecology), and  an increase in the social capital  which means  a return to human values rather than monetary values such as decentralization and gift-based economics which Hazel calls “Love Economics”.

At the same time, there is a parallel movement from fossil fuels to the solar age. We have barely tapped that potential. The problem is, the financial sector is not going to go quietly. It has a vested interest in fossil fuels, as their assets are largely valued reserves. Also we need new valuation models for portfolio analysis, such as social responsibility. They suggest dropping out of the financial sector as much as possible and bypassing it with local economies and the internet. There is a wealth of information in each of their websites if you would like to delve more deeply into the subject matter. What they both agree on, and what peaked my interest, is that they both agree that  what is needed is a growth in consciousness.

They were focusing on the collective consciousness, which is undeniably imperative and there is  more and more  evidence this happening everywhere. However, the collective consciousness is impacted by the unconsciousness of all the world’s individuals. The value systems that determine our choices in the world are directly impacted by beliefs, attitudes, self images , thought s and feelings that are subconscious & unconscious. If there is to be a shift into a new economy, we each of us need to address our own personal consciousness. For example, the collective has not just been over-consuming and an economy based on competition. We each have been over-consuming, adding to personal debt, and seeing others not in a cooperative way, but from the point of view of competition.

If we each take responsibility for bringing the light of awareness to our individual consciousness then we will be a bridge to a new economy.

That is my mission, to help us in that quest – my book on the subject will be out soo – stay tuned!

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