Money as Circulation

by Mayuri on November 6, 2011

Why Hoarding by the Few is Death

One of the principles of money is that it is fluid and dynamic..   It’s purpose is to go on moving from hand to hand, and that is why it is called currency. Greed and hoarding, destroys its whole purpose and the current becomes stagnant. The more money flows the richer a society, as it supports the unfolding of human potential of all of it’s citizens rather than for just a few.  When it flows, money can be a servant of all rather than a master by a few. When there is only fiscal liberty for a few, it creates a hierarchy in society from which follows competition, ambition, dependence, helplessness, possessiveness, power over others, oppression and even tyranny.

In our current society, money has stopped circulating. If we liken it to blood, we can see that when blood is circulating it is life. But when blood has stopped, it is death. It is the same with money. Money stopped is death. The more money circultaes the more there is. The more money is used the more it circulates, and the richer the society is. The fact that almost all of the money has been hoarded by a few- and it is getting worse not better-  is leading to a death. Our money system, our society, and there are some who say even our species and/or planet earth cannot continue without the death of the organism. This is at the macro level.

Now lets take a look at the micro level.

Everyone should have money. They should all be able to earn money, have it and use it. Everyone works- it is a part of being human. In fact, around the world the majority of human work approximately  a comparable number of hours. And if everyone works, then everyone should have a reasonable share of the money flow. But that isn’t the way it is. Instead there are huge differences in what people earn.

Mayan calendar scholar Carl Johan Calleman puts it like this in his article the Beginning of the Fourth Night of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar System “These numbers in the bank computers (Obviously the same applies to stock, funds etc.) define the power structures of our societies and determine almost all human relationships, what we as a species do and focus on in our life on earth. There are of course some minor exceptions, but in the overall picture it is true that the measures given to each individual in these bank computers determine human life in its totality.”

When people are in poverty, they must attend to their bodily survival first. Then if there is sufficient, they can perhaps address their psychological needs. When there is no money, there is no opportunity for exploring spiritual needs. If you are even reading this article, you are one of the very few on the planet who have enough money for spiritual pursuits. So most people do not have the basic human right of developing their consciousness, never mind their unique potentials.

Both the micro and macro level point to what I have spoken about as one of our main delusions as a human being- that we are separate selves. I  addressed this in my last post, The “I Am” Sickness. It is not possible to move into oneness or unity consciousness as long as we are believing in and acting selfishly from this separate “self”.  It is also not possible for humanity as a whole to grow in consiousness, to move toward onesness and unity consiousness with the current economic system.

Calleman is predicting a total financial system collapse in October, 2011 the end of the Mayan calendar, as “the current economic system is simply not consistent with the unity consciousness”. He goes on to say that if the monetary system would collapse we would each be fully sovereign souls what we create because the power structure would have disappeared. “the consequence would  be that we all become fully responsible for the course of events not only regarding what we do as individuals, but also as a collective”.

I don’t what will happen, and so I can’t subcscribe to the imminent end of our economic system,even though everything his reading of the Mayan Calendar has said so far  has hit the mark. What I can attest to is the movement of consciousness toward individual responsibility, and perhaps if we don’t move on it ourselves, if we don’t choose taking responsibility, the intelligence of existence will up the ante for  us.

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