Money and the Patriarchy

by Mayuri on October 30, 2009

The Challenge to the Old Masculine Mentality

The masculine is what turns the soul  outward to affect the world. But in order for it to help us through the global crisis, which is really a wake-up all to humanity, it must escape the defining cultural influences to which it has been subjected for centuries. The forces of the old masculine approach ( what I call the patriarchy) are being challenged by a the arising of the feminine and a new masculinity that uses its strength to support and empower the community.

What I call the  patriarchy is really a  magnification and distortion of the true masculine qualities. True masculinity is about  achievement in the world, but not cut off from consciousness and in partnership with the feminine.

The old patriarch loves the rigidity of the law, the power of the hierarchy, and the tyranny of oppression. The difficulty is that old ways die hard and our institutions including banks, government, church, and corporations are still easily controlled by this mentality.  People who are in these institutions are not objective, because their own  interests are being served- so whether consciously or unconsciously, they are enmeshed in this mindset. You just need to look at the bonuses Wall Street keeps paying out  to see the truth of this.

These people have not reflected on their inner lives, and the values that would flow from such a reflection. Instead, they act through layers of rationalization, manipulation, greed, and hidden agendas which (I hope for the planet’s and humanities sake, not too late)  are no longer so hidden.

This distorted masculine has no  respect for individual autonomy, honest emotion, or thinking for oneself. American’s have stopped thinking for themselves, and instead adopt the latest sound bite as the truth. We are the object of  scorn and contempt in the world for our astounding lack of intelligent discernment.

Signs of this patriarchy way of thinking is seen everywhere in the west: in the forms of absolute control, war and oppression, logic without emotion, science without consciousness,  and “objectivity” without relationship. This has been going on for centuries, and even millennium. And it is not  allowing humanity to evolve.

For those of us who have been aware of the movements of the new masculine, which bring truth and honesty and integrity to their dealings in the world, there have been equal and opposing tactics by the patriarchy in order to attempt to maintain control. I believe this is the thrashing tail of a dying dragon , however, and won’t ultimately prevail.

In fact, “fighting” the patriarchy is not the movement that is needed: our energy, our time, and therefore our creativity is drained from us when we oppose something. What is needed is to move forward with the new.

But, this new masculine consciousness cannot exist without the feminine, nor vice versa. What is needed is an equal partnership with respect for each other. This is already beginning to happen at an increasing rate. I see it happening all around me.

I can give you some examples. You probably have many of your own to contribute.

I was recently at a wonderful shop like few you’ve ever visited, called Spirit Matters in West Marin, CA that has all kinds of spiritual crafts, books, music (what the owner Nonnie Welch calls “oddities and deities”). It was amazing seeing all the books on the feminine that are available right now. There are all kinds of group experiences for addressing  the issues of both the emerging masculine and feminine that you can find on the internet, and maybe in your neighborhood. Personally, I just got back from a retreat with Bernie Prior , a world teacher on the masculine and the feminine who calls his work SHE (Spiritual Human Evolution).This partnership of the masculine and feminine will begin to align individual, national, and global, concerns and provide the gateway toward greater human evolution of consciousness.

My husband and I first addressed what we felt was difficult in our relationship, but didn’t realize as a split between the masculine and the feminine several years ago, when we read the Toltec books, Unveil the Mysteries of the Female and The Quest for Maleness by Theun Mares which you can get on Amazon. Although I didn’t agree with everything in these books, it allowed the two of us enter into a partnership that totally changed our relationship and has endured. The biggest thing was that my husband started to really listen to me, my intuition, my depth, my groundedness in the forms of reality, my view of what was happening. I remember him saying to me  in the language of the Toltec books”You have been stalking me, but I haven’t been listening”.

“What does this have to do with money?”  you might be asking. One simple answer, is that if men had been in partnership with women, there couldn’t have been the financial instruments so cut off from actual reality. There would not have been derivatives, bundles  of debts with fancy names (the real estate bubble) , buying stocks without underlying real value (the bubble).  There would have been the values of the feminine including nurturance, community, respect for the other, love, and the conception of purpose in life, and therefore in equity, in assets- the world of money.

So how about now, how about you as an individual? The steps toward transformation are simple and humble. Start where you are.  A couple needs listen to each other and value what the other is bringing to the table, as equals. I was speaking to Catherine Austin Fitts of who amongst many things helps with investing from this new mindset. I heard her say, that the voice of the wife, the feminine, has been a big part of her most successful stories of transforming the equity of her clients, out of the patriarchy and the centralized money system, and into a more sustainable reality.

Whether  as an individual or in a couple, it is important to see where you are. What that means practically is preparing  a monthly cash flow statement (“cash in” minus categories of “cash out”) to see where you have spending your life energy and whether, if you turn and reflect on your inner self, does where you put your money reflect  your values, or does it reflect the values of the patriarchy, like fear and greed. This will take radical honesty and a desire to know the truth.

But it will also support taking responsibility which I keep saying, is a necessary, from my view, the primary ingredient for humanity to continue evolving. If you start taking responsibility for your money, since money is imbedded in everything we do, it will lead to being responsible in all aspects of your life, and a step toward contributing to a consciousness shift in humanity.  We may feel helpless in personally fixing the system, but we can be part of the movement toward sanity.

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