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by Mayuri on August 7, 2009

How I See What Spiritual Teacher Jed McKenna Has To Say and the Economic Crisis Are Related


I have been reading Jed Mckenna’s Notebook which is the newest from Spiritual Teacher, although he would hate that title. I have read his other  three books in what he calls his Enlightenment Trilogy: Spiritual Enlightenment The Damnedest Thing, Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment, and Spiritual Warfare. I have read and reread them all and loved them, even if he would regard me as someone waking up within the dream and not waking up from the dream.

You can’t find him in Wikipedia; there is no picture of him on the website for Wisefool Press, his publisher (I would guess he is self-published); there is no mail or email address for the publisher- he does not want to be contacted it seems.

But he definitely has something to say, that is necessary if you are at all serious about waking up.

In his latest book, he also has some great things to say that is relevant to money and the spiritual journey, so I am dedicating today’s blog to quoting Jed’s book. Please enjoy. If you are intrigued, then by all means, order his books. they are the least thought provoking, and if you are open, life-changing.

“Somehow everything has become flipped upside down. Not knowing of anything better, we have elevated the banalities of physical survival to the summit of human experience- eating, drinking, sensual pleasures, sex, mating, gathering- what pathetic consolations they are! Wealth ,power, prestige- such words would not even appear in the vocabulary of a society of Whole beings, but for us Halflings, they’re all we have.”

As Jed says, yes, we are all halflings, but not the good half!

Some, including realized spiritual teachers, thought that in America could be the “New World” or as Osho said, “The New Man”. That in America, man would begin to find true freedom,  that America would be in the center of a new era of “fully realized human potential”. Not a “continued downward spiral of  greed, corruption, disease and stultifying mediocrity.”

“A young country with boundless idealism, poetic vision’ and virtually limitless wealth, burning with words like freedom and expansion and exploration, with phrases like all men are created equal,  and inalienable rights, and pursuit of happiness”. A place “where good things could happen”.

“What is the Declaration of Independence except an act of rebellion?” “It’s a revolutionary decree; a response to what it calls an absolute tyranny. It’s a declaration of war. Where’s that spirit today? It doesn’t exist”. “We are a vanquished broken people. We are slaves”.


“The current state of humans on earth is, compared to what it could and should be, a state of being far more terrible than any writer ever has or will portray” We can look at the dystopian visions of Huxley, Zamyatin, Orwell, Burgess, Rand, Bradbury and others and think about how good we have it compared to how bad it could be, but when we adopt a view that encompasses our full potential, it becomes painfully clear that dystopian vision has ever been imagined that rivals our very own  reality for inescapable nightmarish horror. Emerson was right when he said man is god in ruins, and what could be more terrible that that? We are our own worst case scenario. It is only our ignorance that shields us, but it is that very ignorance that imprisons us”.

If this sounds depressing, Jed addresses that. “The only thing I know that is depressing is being ego-clad, because then you can awaken to your situation and remedy it.” “Everyone should be as depressed as hell, and if they were, then something might actually happen. He says we live in a protective  state of constant denial, that has us living a barely consious life. “The necessities of life are  food, water, clothing, shelter, denial and distraction”.

What Jed points to, and what I agree with, is that the idea of a society waking up is a pipe dream, that a whole society could enlighten themselves. As Jed says, it is “One person making a break, drawing a line, that’s where the best thing in the world happens; not in groups or in societies, but in individuals”.

That is part of what I have been saying- what is needed is for each of us to  become responsible, to wake ourselves up. That is the new spirituality.  I don’t believe we are in for a slow burn economically. I believe there is going to be chaos. The more awake you are, the more you have taken responsibility for your life, the more able you will be to see the storm, and yourself, as actors in the game of life, and not take it so seriously. The more you are able to do that, the less you will be tossed about on the ocean of chaos. If you don’t, you are going to suffer more. The coming economic crisis can be used as a tool for each person to wake up.

This can lead us to what Jed calls, “The good part”. “Man’s potential   is not dark and murky and unknowable, but consciousness and infinite.We can gain entry into that from which we have been cast out”.  “Anyone can do this”. “It’s not reserved for the elite, or intelligent, or the devout any more that sunlight  is reserved for the wealthy or the worthy”. “We can look hard and see clearly”.” Think for yourself, open your eyes, ask Who am I”. 

When we see clearly, we will see that the lens we have been seeing through has been murky, the lens of ego and self. “Clean the lens and the world resolves into crystal clarity, and the darkness and murkiness  are forgotten as if they never were”.

This can be your quest if you choose to take it on. And now is an opportunity like no other.

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