Facing Limitation Is Being Human

by Mayuri on July 16, 2009

The Economic Crisis as Human Growth in Conciousness


As I spoke about in my last blog, the chase for more is better has been a defining characteristic of our culture for some time.  One of the hallmarks of this is the resulting “ubiquitous frenzy , arising from the almost universal discomfort of being with oneself. Everyone involved in this chase has been exploiting the present moment as a stepping stone to new experiences or pleasures that will keep them from having to feel our discomfort. We have become attached to our escapes from ourselves.

This has become such an expectation of our culture, that Obama and the present government administration has been trying to bail out the centralized money system in an attempt to let us keep the “American Way”. It’s failing. It was doomed to fail. And not just becuase of the economics involved. I do follow those. I have made reference before to those I trust on that front, for example   Michael Hudson    who wrote “The Financial War Against Iceland” and many other articles over the years of great insight and wisdom and also  Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.com. But the economics is not my job. My job is one of consciousness, and to bring that to our money.

From my perspective, the bailout was doomed to fail because a new consciousness is necessary for the survival of the planet, and us. That means we can no longer run from our discomfort. If we had chosen a different path we might not be in the position now of being forced to confront our truths. It is not as if we have not had warning. Think of Al Gore and his movie An Inconvenient Truth which, if you haven’t seen it, you should. It is available on DVD.

So we are going to have to face ourselves. Each one of us. Me included. Even though I could see this coming and have been trying to wake people up about how their money attitudes were contributing to the coming crisis, I am in the field that we are all part of and I am not exempt.

Some of the things I have seen recently in Marin County where I live ( a very partial list):  

  • Contractors going bankrupt
  • Car dealerships closing
  • Houses not selling
  • Domestic help getting fired (women cleaning their own houses for the first time in decades)
  • Restaurants closing
  • Retail stores closing
  • Clients cancelling appointments because of finances
  • Friends who lost money with Madoff having to sell their homes or go back to work
  • Investment bankers and commercial real estate brokers with mortgages and families losing their jobs

And each one of these is a pebble with a ripple affect on  many others. And that is just in my immediate neighborhood.

It is time to get out of denial and face the fear and other negative emotions we are feeling. 

Many people now have have less money now than they did a few years ago and I believe there is going to be a slow burn of reducing this even further for most people for some time. By some definitions, the world has become farther away from perfection. Yet, from the soul’s point of view, there are many new lessons available in what has been occurring. Much emphasis has been on blaming the government and Wall Street, yet people are also looking at their own illusions and unwise choices. Or not looking, which will ultimately make them suffer more.  When the truth feels unpleasant, people try to hide from it.

And now there are whole new sets of choices to be made in light of changed circumstances. There can be joy even in this. There can be joy in all things, including in some places you would not expect to find it. Our egos are attached to being victims- “it is the government’s fault” ot “Wall Street’s” or “the banks”. It will focus on negative factors when what is happening could be seen as a paradigm shift with untold blessings.

If finances are much in your consciousness, and right now that is true for many people, it may be your path to learn how to overcome financial limitations and see how truth, love, and beauty manifest in your financial circumstances.  

We have bodies. Bodies themselves are a limitation. You may never have the waistline that you believe would be ideal for you, and certainly everything in the physical universe is aging. We are on a planet of limitations. So limitation is part of our human experience.

 Whatever is on your plate right now is your opportunity to grow. Whatever negative emotions you are experiencing right now are what you need to feel, be with, and  learn to understand. Even just by making the best of it, you are fulfilling your destiny.  But more than that,  the problems of your life are the raw materials of your spirit. Achieving perfection in form would be to become spiritually unemployed; that is why it does not happen.

So instead of running, turn and face your discomforts and the limitations that are happening in your life. This is part of the human journey and is necessary for your spiritual growth. This is the opportunity of the economic crisis.

Otherwise it wouldn’t be happening.

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